How to Use a Compass Properly & Other Tips for Camping This Summer

Photo Courtesy: Thomas Barwick/Getty Images

When the sun comes out, the snow melts, and wildlife returns, many folks are eager to kick off camping season. Whether to escape the stresses of city life or take a pandemic-safe holiday, more families and individuals are turning to the great outdoors. But, while being out in nature can help clear the mind, it also raises a few pain points, especially for first-time campers or less experienced nature lovers. 

After all, camping isn't all bonfires and lying in the shade — it requires extensive planning and research. With the right resources and a little know-how, however, anyone can plan the perfect camping trip without running into too many roadblocks. So, with this in mind, we've rounded up camping must-haves and must-knows. From understanding what invaluable items one should pack to learning how to read a compass, we've got you covered.