What Are the Uses of Rayon?

Rayon is used in fabrics, home furnishing and industrial applications. The fabric is used to create clothing such as blouses, jackets, sportswear and dresses. In home furnishing, blankets, sheets and curtains may all be made from rayon. Rayon’s industrial applications include medical surgical products.

Rayon is a synthetic fiber made from redeveloped cellulose material. To do this, manufacturers first convert the cellulose into a soluble compound. It is then passed through a spinneret to form softer filaments that are regenerated into what is almost pure cellulose. Rayon was introduced in the textile industry in 1900. The very first rayon was called silk because it resembled the fabric. Most modern production of rayon uses the viscose process. Other characteristics of rayon include its absorbency, softness and ease of dying. It is generally recommended to dry clean fabrics made from rayon, but there are some exceptions. Certain rayon products should be hand or machine washed, and it is recommended to use lukewarm or cool water to wash them and to rinse them in warm water. Avoid twisting or wringing the fabric, and dry it on a hanger or flat surface. Rayon can be bleached, but some fabrics may be sensitive to chlorine bleach.