What Are the Uses of Email?

Email is a tool that delivers messages instantaneously and is accessible from nearly anywhere in the world. People find email useful for communicating with friends and colleagues, marketing and promoting services and products, and sending follow ups and reminders regarding time sensitive issues. Email can consist of text, images, documents, links and other attachments useful for communication.

Email offers a non-urgent communication process that allows recipients to manage correspondence on their schedules. Email provides a flexibility of communication that allows senders or receivers to communicate on different schedules or in different time zones. The mobility of email allows people to work and communicate from anywhere, as mobile access to email is not attached to a physical location.

This communication tool is also useful for a professional follow-up after a meeting or an interview. Unlike text messages or phone calls, email allows users to filter or screen, meaning they are able to create filters that prevent unwanted emails, such as spam or junk mail, from entering an inbox. Email is useful for mass or one-to-many communication, allowing users to send information and messages to large amounts of potential customers or multiple colleagues working on a team. Sending documents, images and links via email is easy with the use of scanners and other technology.