What Are the Uses for E-6000 Industrial Adhesive?

Customers use E6000 industrial strength adhesive for a vast range of projects, such as vehicle maintenance and repair, furniture assembly and repair, and weather proofing. The product is self-leveling, so it is appropriate for use as a potting material for computer and electronic applications. E6000 adhesive is also useful for crafts, including ceramics, jewelry, fabric art and more.

E6000 industrial adhesive bonds effectively with glass, ceramics, fiberglass, wood and metal, as well as masonry, asphalt, concrete and leather. The product also works effectively with many plastics, rubber, neoprene, Polyvinyl Chloride and vinyl. E6000 is also waterproof, paintable and non-flammable, as well as washer- and dryer-safe. The adhesive forms a flexible bond, even at extremely cold temperatures, so it is suitable use on items that vibrate.

Crafters use E6000 industrial adhesive for a variety of purposes, including decorating glass bottles with metal, wood or plastic, assembling plastic or silk floral arrangements, assembling wooden birdhouses or decorating vases with beads. The product dries clear, so it is useful for jewelry makers to use for tasks like attaching jewelry bails to glass. Some additional uses for E6000 include applying metal frames to photo albums, attaching decorative items to metal frames or attaching metal charms to photo frames or vases.

E6000 is not recommended for use with Styrofoam, polystyrene, polyethylene or polypropylene plastics. The product is manufactured by Eclectic Products, Inc.