How Do You Use a USB Flash Drive As a Memory Card for PS2?

espensorvik/CC-BY 2.0

To use a flash drive as a memory card in a PlayStation 2, first remove the back of the memory card. Remove the memory unit from the card, and then take the flash drive from its case. Lastly, arrange the flash drive so that it fits in the memory card, and reseal it.

For this project, the required materials include sticky tape, a dremel or a rasp, and a screwdriver or knife. Further, to properly use the newly created memory card, it is necessary to reformat and partition the drive so that it is compatible with the PS2. To ensure the compatibility of the converted drive, format it to FAT instead of FAT32 or NTFS.

Not all brands of flash drives work with this project. Some brands of flash drives that have been shown to work properly are PNY, Sandisk and Memorex. A large drive is not required due to the limited space capacity of the PS2.

This method is commonly used to create additional storage space for gamesaves. Since the PS2 does not come with USB drivers, converting a USB flash drive into a memory card is the only way to add more space without purchasing a new memory card.