How Do You Use a Shampoo Color Cap?

Use a shampoo color cap to tone brassiness out of bleached hair or to freshen up hair color. Mix the dye with an equal amount of shampoo, process and rinse it out. The process takes approximately 40 minutes and requires hair dye, shampoo, gloves and a color bottle.

  1. Mix the color

    Mix the hair dye according to the instructions on the box, only mixing half of what you need to cover your hair. Add an equal amount of color-safe shampoo to the dye. If your hair is damaged, replace half the shampoo with conditioner.

  2. Wet the hair

    The hair should be damp. Wet your hair under the shower and towel dry.

  3. Apply the color

    Use a color bottle to apply the shampoo color cap evenly on the hair. While wearing gloves, work the color into the hair strands.

  4. Process the shampoo color cap

    If using the shampoo color cap to tone brassiness in bleached hair, utilize test strands to determine when the processing is complete. Using a clean towel, wipe color from a small strand every five minutes. If further processing is needed, re-cover the strand in color. If using the shampoo color cap to freshen up color, process for 20 minutes.

  5. Rinse out the color

    When the color is processed, wet all the hair. Massage the shampoo so that it lathers. Rinse out the shampoo color cap until the water runs clear. Condition the hair as usual.