How Do You Use the Schwarzkopf Hair Color Chart?

The Schwarzkopf hair color chart is based on matching skin tone and features with your ideal “color type.” There are four color types: Spring, Summer, Winter and Autumn. Each complexion type has distinct attributes and corresponding hair colors to accentuate the best features of that type.

Spring Types (light skin with peach undertones and light blue or green eyes) are best suited to warm tones. Choose a light to medium shade, as dark colors only work well on cool skin types. Stay away from ashen colors. Reddish tones such as copper or strawberry blonde are good choices.

Summer Types (rosy skin with violet undertones and any lighter eye color) should avoid red hair colors. Ash blonde, ash brown or platinum blonde are the most flattering. Highlights look wonderful on summer types.

Autumn types (light but bronzed skin with yellow undertones, blue or green eyes) should stick to warm golden browns or chestnuts. Avoid blonde highlights, as they look artificial.

Winter types (very light skin with bluish undertones, with dark brown or ice blue eyes) benefit from dark colors such as aubergine or black. Light hair on a winter type can result in reddish tones, which do not suit this complexion. Avoid yellow or golden tones.