How Do You Use San Bernardino’s Open Access to Find Information on Criminal Cases?

The County of San Bernadino’s Open Access online clerical system gives members of the public free access to court case information. Users can search for civil, traffic, criminal and other court cases. Visitors can also search by calendar date, defendant’s name, case number and legal charges. Information is provided regarding the motion or actions taken, the type of hearing, any modifications to the court proceedings and the hearing’s minutes. The system is run by the Superior Court of California.

Court files are public records and subject to public inspection as described in the California Rules of Court. Public records include court cases that are criminal, civil, domestic, small claims, probate, involve minor offenses and involve mental health. Records that are confidential, expunged or sealed by law are not accessible. Individuals who want to receive copies of court files should visit their local clerk’s office in person. The Superior Court Clerk’s Office does not fax or send electronic copies of court files. The fee for copies of documents is $0.50 per page as of 2015, up to a maximum charge of $50 per document. Limited case data is available on cases filed prior to 1998. Contact the Court District for access to information on older cases.