How Do You Use Sam Michaels’ Workbrain Application?

The Sam Michaels Workbrain application requires employees to login using the credentials received from work, which allows them to view their schedules following the ETM tab. The ETM tab includes all the information pertaining to the employee’s schedule and mailbox.

The Workbrain application is used to connect employees from all around the country to a company’s intranet system. Besides the standard information, such as email of scheduling, Workbrain allows employees to connect with their bosses so they may be able to attend online seminars or online training. Workbrain is also associated with a community group that allows employees to send requests for cash advances, participate in auctions or even access group discounts.

Workbrain is also mobile-friendly, as the system allows users to login using their phones and tablets. Other features of the application allow employees to contact each other through private messages so they can trade shifts or request coverage.

Employers also have a range of tools available for their use, such as the ability to analyze popular trends in their work space, along with the attendance and performance of their employees. The application also records how employees respond in situations, their work schedules and when they perform at their best, in order to sculpt custom benefit plans.