How Do You Use Red Lava Rock in a Fire Pit?

Red lava rock is placed in the fire pit with only 4 inches of space from the top. The fire pit bowl should be able to drain to avoid building up moisture in the rocks from rain or humidity.

Red lava rock is used in both wood and gas burning fire pits. Be sure never to use a fire pit on wood surfaces, indoors or on a patio with a roof to prevent fires.

When using a wood fire pit, the red lava rock is placed in the bottom of the fire pit. The rock fills the pit, leaving only about four inches of space at the top. Spread the lava rock evenly, and make sure there is no moisture in the rock before using.

When using red lava rock in gas fire pits, be sire to place the rock evenly on the bottom of the pit before inserting the gas ring. Place the gas ring with holes side down to prevent debris from clogging inside the holes. Pour more lava rock on top of the gas ring leaving only about 1 or 2 inches at the top. The red lava rock hide the gas ring, making the fire pit look more natural.