How Do You Use a Purolator Filter Cross-Reference Tool?

To use the Purolator filter cross-reference tool, find the part number for a competitor’s automotive filter, input the number into a search blank, and then click Find Filters. Enter up to 10 part numbers at a time. Click the New Search button to clear all entries.

For example, enter FRAM part number PH3980 into the Purolator cross-reference tool. To the right of the search blanks, a chart appears with the manufacturer’s name, the manufacturer’s part number, the Purolator part number and the description. In this case, the Purolator part is L24011, and the description notes that this is an oil filter.

Hover your computer’s mouse pointer, or cursor, over the Purolator part number to see the entry for the Purolator database. View a picture of the filter and the basic specifications that appear below the photograph. Specifications for the L24011 filter include the height, diameter, threads and type of filter.

Enter more than one filter to have more parts appear in the Purolator chart. The database lists Purolator filters in the same order that the competitor’s filter part numbers were input into the cross-reference tool. For instance, the top search bar correlates to the top Purolator filter, while the blank below the first search bar correlates to the second-from-the top Purolator filter. This filter cross-reference tool specializes in oil and air filters for motor vehicles.