How Do You Use Mothballs to Get Rid of Gophers?

To get rid of gophers using mothballs, locate the entrance to their burrow or the place where they are eating and eliminating and place a generous amount of mothballs near it or inside it. Mothballs act as a nonlethal repellent to gophers, as they dislike the smell.

Other useful noncommercial repellents for gophers include cayenne, cinnamon or hot peppers. There are also commercial repellents available at gardening stores, but some of them are toxic to pets or dangerous to use around children or edible vegetable plants.

Another option is to carefully flush the gophers out by putting a hose in the burrow and filling it with water, but this requires caution to avoid further damage to the lawn or garden due to flooding. For the best results, address the problem as soon as it becomes apparent. It can be very difficult to get rid of gophers; professional help may be necessary to handle a serious infestation.

Gophers live in networks of underground tunnels and rooms known as gopher towns. A single gopher town is capable of wiping out an entire field of crops. The gopher’s diet consists primarily of roots, leaves, nuts and insects, making them troublesome near gardens, lawns and trees.