How Do You Use Menards Rebate Tracking?

Menards offers a tracking feature for its rebate program through a third-party rebate clearinghouse called Rebates International, which allows you to track your rebates through their website. Prior to tracking, make sure you have sent in the necessary rebate slip or slips. Note as well that processing can take as long as six to eight weeks.

  1. Go to the website

    Navigate your browser to If you still need a Menards rebate form, click on Find a Rebate toward the top of the screen, which leads you to a link to print the forms.

  2. Enter tracking number or name information

    Rebates International offers two options for tracking. If Menards provided you with a tracking number, enter it in the first box. If not, enter your first initial, last name, street address number and ZIP code into the lower boxes.

  3. Click Search

    Your tracking information should appear on your screen. If not, it may still be processing. Additionally, if rebates are more than one year old, they can not be tracked.