How Do You Use an HCA Facility Scheduler?

To use the HCA Facility Scheduler, the user needs to gain access to the scheduler through a registered account. Accordingly, the first step after installing the facility scheduler is to obtain a username and password to log in to the scheduler application.

Employees and supervisors access their schedules using the HCA Facility Scheduler. In order to access the scheduler, the computer must have an Internet Explorer version of 6.0 or higher. The employee can use the facility scheduler to enter a shift, to schedule an open need, to submit an employee request and to view payroll details.

The supervisor can use the facility scheduler to create a schedule, to cancel a shift, to split a shift, to float an employee, to add an employee and to share an employee. Other supervisory functions include the generation of open needs, approval of open needs, printing a schedule, viewing attendance reports, and approving or denying special requests. The supervisor also has the option to assign multiple skills to an employee, to terminate an employee, to build groups, to create notifications, to view employee payroll details, to edit a staffing matrix, and to add or edit a shift.

Once the user logs in, depending on the access rights, the user can use the facility scheduler. For an employee, the individual’s name is highlighted in blue, and scheduling applies only to that user. The application displays color codes and error messages if the schedule becomes overstaffed.