How Do You Use FMCDealer to Access STARS?

To access STARS using the links at FMCDealer, users must enter their personal WSLx ID. Once logged in to the FMCDealer homepage, users can select the My Training or STARS2 links. From the My Training homepage, users can select the STARS2 link to begin their STARS2 session.

The STARS system is secure and can only be accessed by entering a user name and password. If a user does not have a WSLx ID, or has lost the password, he must contact the Dealer Self Administration Help Desk. Once he has successfully authenticated using the WSLx ID, he can use it to arrive at the FMCDealer homepage and log in.

STARS, which stands for Standardized Training and Resource System, is a system that allows Ford Motor Company dealers and fleets to view and maintain employee information and also allows employees to maintain their training and certifications. The STARS system provides information on job details, certification summaries, training planners and training history. The platform also contains a course and task catalog that lists all active employee training. Employees can use the catalog to view course details and schedules, enroll for classes and launch web-based training. Employees can also create wait-list requests, order and download materials, and view their enrollment status.