How Do You Use Dakin’s Solution for Wound Care?

To use Dakin’s solution for wound care, apply it as a cleanser or irrigation by pouring it on the affected region, instructs WebMD. You can also spray the solution on the injured area, or use it to dampen wound dressings.

Dakin’s solution is a hypochlorite solution produced from diluted and treated bleach, explains WebMD. It contains chlorine, which is an antiseptic that eliminates bacteria and viruses. The solution helps treat and prevent infections that affect the skin and tissue and occur due to cuts, scrapes or pressure sores. Doctors typically use Dakin’s solution before and after surgical procedures.

Inform your doctor if you have allergies, especially to the product or chlorine compounds, as Dakin’s solution consists of inactive ingredients that can trigger allergic reactions, notes WebMD. Additionally, tell your doctor if you’re taking other prescription, over-the-counter or herbal products, particularly those applied on the skin. Quickly cleanse the eyes with water for 15 minutes in the event the solution enters the eyes.

Possible side effects of using Dakin’s solution include pain, swelling, inflammation or redness, according to WebMD. Contact a health care professional immediately if any side effect becomes aggravated. In most cases, the product does not cause severe side effects. Signs and symptoms of a serious allergic reaction include itching, swelling, rash, intense dizziness and breathing difficulty.