How Do You Use a Copy Machine?

Influx Productions/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Place your paper on the scanner or in the document feeder, if there are several pages. Then, select the number of copies and other settings. Print the copies and remove the originals from the copier.

  1. Check for paper

    Check the paper trays to see if they have paper in them and make sure that it is the right size. There is a fill line to show the maximum amount of paper that can be put in the machine.

  2. Place your documents to be scanned

    If you are just copying one page, place it face down on the scanner. Some copiers also have a document feeder for large numbers of copies. If you are copying several pages, place the stack of papers face up in the document feeder.

  3. Select the settings

    Input the number of copies you want on the control panel. You should also select other settings on the control panel, such as if you want the pages printed one-sided or double-sided.

  4. Print the copies

    Press print or start to have the copy machine print the copies. The copies come out in the output tray.

  5. Retrieve your papers

    Grab your copies. Do not forget to take your original documents from the copy machine.