How Do You Use a Cook’s Essentials Pressure Cooker?

Use a Cook’s Essentials pressure cooker by adding the ingredients with at least 1 cup of water, sealing the lid and selecting the appropriate cook cycle. Avoid overfilling the pot when cooking and do not attempt to open the lid while the unit is under pressure.

Pressure cookers reduce cooking time by building pressure to increase the boiling point of water; they must have liquid inside to operate correctly. They also must have room for the steam to build, so it is essential to keep the ingredients below the full mark inside the pot. Dried beans increase in volume when they cook, so never add more than one-third of a pot. Keep soups and stews to half-level. Roasts and meat recipes can fill the pot to the maximum line.

Set the time on the pressure cooker according to the recipe. Since the unit uses a sealed cooking process, it is not possible to check on the meal without releasing the pressure, so having reliable recipes is essential for acceptable results. The electronic device automatically adjusts the heat to keep the pressure at a safe level.

Although the Cook’s Essentials pressure cooker has a pressure canning setting, it is not safe to can foods with electric pressure cookers. Use a stovetop pressure canner for safety.