How Do You Use CenturyLink Call Forwarding?

To use CenturyLink call forwarding, it is necessary to follow a series of steps including entering a special code, dialing the number to forward to, and then hanging up the phone. There is also a selective call forwarding option.

To turn on call forwarding from CenturyLink, pick up the handset, and listen for a dial tone. When you hear the dial tone, press *72, and listen for a dial tone that stutters and then a regular tone. At this point, enter the number where the calls are going to forward to, arrange for answering of the line, either by voice mail or by another person, and then hang up the phone. The next call that comes through now goes to the new number until you turn off the call forwarding feature.

To deactivate the call forwarding feature, pick up the handset, and confirm call forwarding is on by listening for a fast dial tone. When you hear the tone, press *73, and listen for two short tones and then a regular dial tone. As long as the regular dial tone is present, call forwarding is off. When call forwarding is on, the dial tone is fast and quick.

Selective call forwarding is a similar option from CenturyLink, and it allows people to forward calls from certain numbers to another number. This feature is set up in the same way, except the code is *63. After entering the code, enter the numbers to forward one after the other.