How Do You Use to Look up Court Records in Missouri?

To access court records on, go to the Missouri Judiciary home page, and click the corresponding link on the right-hand side of the page. Once open, choose a search method, such as Litigant Name Search or Case Number Search. One the page that follows, chose a court from the pull-down menu after Search for cases in, fill out all the boxes in the Required Information section and any of the boxes under Optional Information, and click Find.

If using the Litigant Name Search method, type in the last name of the litigant in the corresponding box. There is an option to include alias information in the search, and you can choose All Participating Courts from the pull-down bar, or pick a specific court. If you do not know the entire last name, type in the first part of the litigant’s last name, and click Find. Optional information fields available to narrow the search include the first and middle name of the litigant.

The Case Number Search method requires accurately typing the entire case number in the corresponding box. To search using the Filing Date Search method, type the filing date of the case after Start Date. The website returns all cases filed within seven days of the start date. To narrow down the options, choose a court from the pull-down menu, and an Optional Information section pops up including a Case Type, Country and Location field.