How Do You Use Avon Skin So Soft to Repel Fleas?

A study at the University of Florida showed that Avon’s Skin So Soft bath oil is an effective flea repellent on dogs. Sponging dogs with Skin So Soft resulted in a 40 percent drop in flea infestation.

  1. Mix Skin So Soft with water

    Measure out 1 ½ ounces of Avon Skin So Soft bath oil. Avoid using any version of Skin So Soft that contains sunscreen. Measure 1 gallon of clean water. Mix the bath oil into the water until it is fully diluted.

  2. Sponge the Skin So Soft solution onto the dog

    Using a sponge, apply the Skin So Soft solution to the dog. Cover the dog’s entire body to prevent fleas from congregating in an unaffected area.

  3. Pour the Skin So Soft solution into a misting bottle

    Pour the Skin So Soft into a misting bottle when treating a dog whose fur is thick or curly and therefore difficult to sponge. Spray the dog’s entire body with the solution. The sprayed solution can also be used as an easy way to follow up if the first application does not get rid of all the fleas.

  4. Check the dog in six days

    Inspect the dog for fleas after six days. Skin So Soft solution typically drives fleas away for six days. If fleas return, repeat the process.