How Do You Use a 12 Amp Bissel ProHeat?

Blend Images – Colin Anderson/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

Your 12 amp Bissell ProHeat carpet cleaner uses warmer water than other models for a better clean. It uses a tank that holds water and cleanser, a built-in water heater and six rows of brushes. Your ProHeat cleaner has a 1-year limited warranty, as of September 2014.

  1. Move furniture

    Before starting the ProHeat cleaner, move furniture, spray stain remover on various spots and plan your cleaning route to have an easy exit path. Have this plan in mind when you clean the room.

  2. Fill the tank

    Take the tank to your sink, and fill it with hot water. Use the attached measuring cup to portion out the cleaning formula. Make sure the lid screws back on tightly to prevent water leaks during cleaning. Carry the tank like a bucket back to the cleaner, and insert it properly.

  3. Begin cleaning

    Set your cleaner to “floor cleaning” mode, and activate the model by pressing the red button on the back. Turn the heater switch to on. Water will heat in about 1 minute of cleaning time.

  4. Move the unit

    Press the spray trigger, and move the unit in a slow forward pass. Then, move the unit back over the same area. Release the spray trigger and repeat cleaning over the same spot until the water comes up clean. Move onto the next area to be cleaned. When the water no longer comes up the unit, empty the tank. Refill with clean water and cleaning solution.