What Is Urobilinogen UA With a Range of 2?

A urobilinogen urinalysis with a range of 2, or a result of 2.0 milligrams per deciliter, amounts to a transition from normal levels of urobilinogen to abnormal levels, and the patient needs further evaluation, states MediaLab. Normal urine contains up to 1 milligram per deciliter of urobilinogen.

Urobilinogen is formed in the intestine from bilirubin, which is a waste byproduct from the liver, and part of it recirculates into the bloodstream. Positive urine urobilinogen test results aid in revealing liver diseases and conditions including cirrhosis and hepatitis, notes Lab Tests Online. When a person has urine bilirubin, which indicates liver disease, and has low urine urobilinogen, the person is displaying a symptom of biliary obstruction. Biliary obstructions are blocked bile ducts, which are common but can lead to liver disease if untreated, notes Healthline.