How Do You Upgrade MagicJack Software?

To upgrade magicJack software, download the most recent copy of the magicJack setup file to your computer. Install the setup, and run it on the connected computer. Sign up for either Windows or Mac update list to check detection of the new version. This MagicJack upgrade system is suitable for the “Lucky You” upgrade and updates magicJack+2012, magicJack+2014 or magicJack.

Upon downloading a magicJack setup, rename the file appropriately. A Windows file shows the modification date of the setup. Name the file according to the date indicated. Renaming the file does not change the MD5 sum nor what the file does. Check for the “Lucky You” upgrade notification on the connected computer that has the new installed magicJack setup. The software reboots after running the setup file. The firmware version shows up in the modification date version.

Alternatively, download and install the Magicfeatures plug in on an administrator account. Add the setup to your firewall and antivirus applications as a program exception with full privileges. Plug the regular MJ or MJ+ dongle into a USB port on the connected computer, and run with a physical phone connected to it according to the manufacturer’s instructions. After the program initializes, the little phone icon in the lower right hand of the screen turns yellow. Double click on the MagicfeaturesPlugin icon to change feature settings on the Features Dashboard.