How Do You Update a TomTom Device?

To update a TomTom device, download TomTom HOME or MyDrive, connect your device to the computer, and wait for either application to launch and automatically check for updates. With HOME, select the application, and click Download Updates. From MyDrive, click Update All.

  1. Download TomTom software

    TomTom devices are compatible with either TomTom HOME or MyDrive. Visit TomTom’s website to find a list of compatible devices for each program. Once you determine the appropriate program, download it from TomTom’s website.

  2. Connect the device to your computer

    Use the cable included with your device to connect it with your computer. Turn the device on. Wait for the program to launch, and enter your email address and password. If your device uses MyDrive, the application launches in your web browser.

  3. Check for updates

    Both applications automatically check for updates and display them. If you need to check for updates manually, click Update My Device in the HOME menu. In MyDrive, click on My Content, and go to MY UPDATES AND NEW ITEMS.

  4. Install updates

    If updates are displayed in HOME, select the application you want to update, and click Download Updates. If the updates display automatically in MyDrive, click Update All, or click View Updates if you only want to update a specific application. For manual updates on MyDrive, select Update under MY UPDATES AND NEW ITEMS.