How Do You Unlock Parental Controls on a Samsung TV?

The process for setting up and removing child lock from a Samsung TV depends on the model number of the television. The processes may be similar, but there are likely small deviations between models.

To remove the parental lock on a Samsung Series 5 LCD TV, for example, begin by pressing Menu. When the menu shows up, navigate to and select Setup. Next, navigate to Parental Lock, and press Enter. This will prompt a request for the user to enter a four-digit PIN code. Enter the correct code or “0000,” if a code has not yet been set for this device.

In the subsequent menu, select age ratings to unlock. Once this is done, the small symbol of a lock will disappear from next to the age rating. There are also options to Block All and Allow All. Once complete, press Exit.

To remove the child lock on a Samsung LCD Flat Panel TV LE32R53B and related models, begin by pressing Menu, and then navigate to and select Setup. In the next screen, navigate to Child Lock, and use the Up and Down arrows until the field displays the Off value.

To unlock specific programs, proceed to the Program option, and press Enter. Using the Up and Down buttons, scroll and de-select any programs that need to be unblocked. Finally, change the third field marked Lock to Unlocked instead of Locked.

For both processes, repeat and reverse to add parental controls.