How to Unlock My Luxpro PSP511Ca Thermostat?

Locked Luxpro PSP511Ca thermostats indicated by the presence of ‘Hold’ on the temperature screen may be unlocked by pressing and releasing the hold button, rotating the dial or changing the temperature mode. Additionally, pushing the software reset button reverts the software to default settings.

When the Luxpro thermostat appears to be locked into a single setting, a temperature override has likely been set on hold. While temperature overrides typically supersede regular programming until the next programmed time period, if the user presses the ‘Hold’ button, the override is kept until settings are manually changed.

The recessed software reset button -located above the ‘Next’ button- enables the user to switch back to the default settings and completely reprogram the thermostat. A narrow object -such as a straightened paper clip or the tip of a pencil- may be used to push the button, reverting all timing, temperature and filter settings to default.

Once resetting the software, the thermostat may be reprogrammed by selecting ‘Heat’ or ‘Cool’ mode, then moving the dial to ‘Weekday Program’ and setting preferences for the times and temperatures of the morning, day, evening and night. Turning the dial to ‘Weekend’ programs the same periods for Saturday and Sunday. When this is completed, the dial must be turned to ‘Run.’