How Do You Unlock a Frigidaire Oven Door?

Huw Jones/Photolibrary/Getty Images

Unlock a Frigidaire oven door by pressing the Clear/Off button until the lock feature disengages, allowing the door to be opened. Re-engage the lock by pressing the same button.

Before unlocking the door, check the display screen for the words “off” and “lock,” and gently pull on the Frigidaire oven’s door. If the door is not locked, the same procedure locks the door. Press the oven’s Clear/Off button, and hold until the word “off” is no longer on the display and the appliance beeps. The lock itself may take up to 15 seconds to disengage, and the door can be opened once the word “Lock” disappears from the screen. The lock function turns off the control panel in addition to locking the oven door, working as a safety feature to prevent children from tampering with the appliance and potentially burning themselves or causing an accidental fire.

If this method does not work, try turning off the circuit breaker to the oven, unplugging the device, turning the breaker back on and plugging the oven in again to reset it. Another option is to activate the oven’s self-clean function and cancel it after a few minutes before trying to open the door. If all these methods are unsuccessful, the Frigidaire oven may have a door latch problem. Contact the manufacturer for repair service.