How Do You Unlock a Door With a Hole in the Knob?

Open an interior privacy lock with a hole in the knob by determining the type of lock, fabricating a pick and unlocking the knob. Once the lock releases, turn the knob to open. Bedroom and bathroom doors often use this type of lock. Complete the process within a few minutes.

  1. Determine the type of lock

    Locks with a round hole in the knob on the opposite side of the locking mechanism usually lock by pushing a button. Knobs with a slot inside the hole lock by pushing the button on the knob and turning.

  2. Fabricate an appropriate pick

    For the round hole, straighten a wire coat hanger or paper clip to unlock the door. For the knobs with a flat slot, a small flat-head screwdriver provides a handle to turn the lock to release it. Make sure the pick is small enough in diameter to fit inside the hole and long enough to access the release trigger.

  3. Unlock the door

    Insert the appropriate pick into the hole. For the round hole, it is sometimes necessary to move the wire inside the hole until you hit the appropriate release trigger. With the twist lock, turn the screwdriver. When the door unlocks on the other side, you should hear the click. Turn the doorknob to open the door and gain access to the room.