How Do You Unlock the Control on Whirlpool Duet Washers?

To unlock the control panel on a Whirlpool Duet washer, hold the End of Cycle Signal button for about three seconds. Once the Control Lock indicator light turns off, the control panel is unlocked.

When the control lock feature is activated, the buttons on the control panel do not work. The feature is in place to prevent children from using the washer.

Whirlpool Duet washers also lock the door automatically when in use, because if the door opens it could spill water. It could also cause an injury if a person put his hand in the washer during a wash cycle. Depending on the wash cycle selected, powering off the washer or pressing the Drain and Spin button may unlock the washer. Each washer also has a manual release ring that unlocks the door.

As of March 2015, Whirlpool Duet washers have Load & Go Dispense Systems that can hold enough detergent for multiple loads of laundry. A Precision Dispense system then utilizes the appropriate amount of detergent when necessary during the wash cycle. The detergent level is displayed in a detergent monitor. The washers have options for cold water and Eco Boost wash cycles to save energy. The washer has fans built in that can dry small loads of laundry after washing.