What Are the Universal RCA Remote Codes for a Sharp TV?

The Sharp television codes for programming an RCA universal remote are 011, 020, 025, 027 and 037, as well as 052, 053 and 060, as of 2015. Remote control programming codes rarely change; however, new televisions sometimes come with a new code, which can leave older remotes incompatible.

The television device codes are from the manufacturer and not for any specific model, so all codes may not work on all models. It may require some trial and error to find the correct code for a specific TV. Direct entry of a code requires holding down the code search button, pressing and releasing the TV button, entering one of the three digit codes, and releasing the code search button. Test the code by depressing the channel up button, and if there is no response from the television, then repeat the process using a different code number.

In some cases, none of the codes may work for a specific television model. Most RCA universal remotes come with some form of code searching ability that allows the user to find the code that controls her device. Depending on the age and model of the remote control, the method of searching may be manual or fully automatic. Users should consult the owner’s manual for their remotes for specific instructions.