What Is the Universal Control Remote Code for a JVC Television?

For a JVC television, the universal control remote codes are 0060, 0026, 0197, 0069, 0242, 0923, 0012, 0065, 0067 and 0141. These are the universal codes that have been published for all JVC remote controls.

JVC universal codes can also be found on the instruction sheet or manual guide that comes with the remote control or television set. If these universal codes do not work, then one can call or email JVC directly to determine the correct code.

To set the programming on a JVC remote control, it is first necessary to press the “SETUP” button. Users can look for the red indicator light to turn on and stay on. Once it is on, then the button can be released. From here, it is time to press the button (TV, DVD) that is connected to the device that one wants to control quickly. The indicator light should blink once and then stay on. The next step is to choose one of the JVC universal codes to put into the device. If it is valid, then the light will turn off and, if it is not valid, then the light will begin to flash. Finally, the device can be turned off manually and reset. The remote should now work completely. If it does not, then it will be necessary to try the other JVC universal codes.