Where Are Uniroyal Tires Manufactured?

Uniroyal tires are manufactured in the factories owned by its parent company, Michelin North America, Inc. In North America, Michelin has manufacturing facilities in Alabama, Indiana, Ohio, Oklahoma, North Carolina and South Carolina, as of 2015.

Michelin also has tire manufacturing plants outside of the United States. There are three plants in Nova Scotia, Canada, and one facility in Queretaro, Mexico.

Uniroyal was founded in Naugatuck, Connecticut, in 1892 as the United States Rubber Company. In 1961, the company changed its name to Uniroyal, Inc. Uniroyal and BFGoodrich Tire came together in a joint venture in 1986, and Michelin acquired the Uniroyal-Goodrich Tire Company a few years later.

As of 2015, Michelin is one of the largest tire manufacturers globally, along with Bridgestone and Goodyear. Michelin also owns BFGoodrich, Tigar, Riken, Kleber and Kormoran tires.