What Unique Beliefs Does Unity Church Have?

Although the Unity Church is technically a Christian denomination, it has many unique beliefs concerning atonement, salvation, Jesus Christ and the Bible. The Unity Church, which blends Christianity, metaphysics, spiritism and Eastern religions, also has its own beliefs on heaven and hell.

Where most Christian denominations focus on Jesus’ atonement and his dying for humanity’s sins, the Unity Church beliefs do not place any emphasis on or refer to this event. The church believes that the spirit of God lived in Jesus and in every other person. Although the church refers to Jesus as the master of universal truths, they do not refer to him as the Son of God or the Messiah. Instead, they believe that Jesus simply showed others the way to express their divinity.

The church also believes that salvation happens in the present life rather than in the afterlife as most other Christian denominations believe. It believes that salvation happens when a person turns from bad thoughts to good. Similarly, the Unity Church doesn’t believe that heaven and hell are actual physical places, but instead believes they are states of mind. The church also has its own beliefs regarding the Bible, which it sees as a metaphysical representation of the journey to spiritual awakening. Although the Bible is its basic textbook, the church states that it honors the universal truths in all religions.