How Do I Underline an Email Address?

Underlining an email address is necessary to draw attention to the email address in the midst of an email. You can either underline the full address or mimic an underline to achieve the same effect.

  1. Type the email address

    Make sure to type in the full email address in the body of the email. Some email accounts will automatically underline the email address to hyperlink it. If yours does this, then you are done.

  2. Highlight the email address

    Take your cursor and click, hold and drag it across the entire email address.

  3. Underline the text

    You can underline the text by pressing the control or command button and the U button at the same time. You can also navigate to message settings and select “underline.”

  4. Mimic the underline

    Mimic a full underline by adding in an underscore before and after the email address.