Why Is the Under Armour Motto “Protect This House”?

Ryan Knapp/CC-BY-2.0

The active wear company Under Armour adopted the phrase “Protect This House” as its motto in an attempt to attract and retain a male customer base, additionally it is a call to all competitors who use their products to stand firm in their resolve to win. In various commercials “Protect this House” is often depicted in relation to a home sports team defending their turf, from the opposing team. However, even in more individualized competitions or in corporate and school environments, it is often used as motivation for team building.

The idea for the slogan came to fruition at a conference held in the house of key Under Armour executives, including founder Kevin Plank and creative director Marcus Stephens. The goal of the meeting was to create an innovative, catchy slogan that appealed to men of all ages. The trio of Under Armour executives, which also included company vice president Steve Battista, crafted the slogan, which eventually became the memorable mantra they sought. The motto proved helpful in attracting male customers and brought the company business from female athletes, too, as well as children and sports teams.