What Are Typical Speed Queen Washer Repair Issues?

Mike Liu/CC-BY-SA 2.0

One common problem in Speed Queen washing machines is that the washer does not spin. Another issue is that it does not agitate, in which case the drive block or belt may be broken.

If a Speed Queen washer does not spin, it is possible that the lid switch assembly is defective. The washer can be tested with an Ohm meter to see whether it has continuity.

Another common problem with Speed Queen washers is that they make loud noises. If this occurs, it is possible that the drive pulley is worn out, loose, bent or cracked. It is also possible that the drive belt has dried out and cracked. An inspection of these washer components can reveal if replacements are necessary.

A faulty drain pump also is sometimes to blame for loud Speed Queen washer noises, particularly if it is obstructed. The pump as well as the drain hose should be checked carefully for anything caught in them, because an obstructed pump or hose is also often a factor in the washer not draining.

Excessive washer vibration can sometimes be an issue. In this case, it is best first to check the washer suspension springs for breakage. If there are any broken springs, it is important to replace them all at once. A worn-out or cracked snubber ring can also cause vibration.