What Are Typical Problems With Used Chevy Astro Vans?

The most common complaint about the Chevrolet Astro minivan is that its engine runs roughly or misfires, according to car repair statistics site CarComplaints.com. Some owners of used Astros have also experienced failures of the vehicle’s transmission or anti-lock braking systems.

Chevrolet Astro minivans that experience engine issues often run roughly at idle or have misfires in specific cylinders. This can make the vehicle unpleasant to drive and reduce its performance. No defect in the engine has been pinpointed as the cause of this issue, though problems with the spark plugs, ignition systems and poor vacuum seals have been implicated in some cases. Many engine issues may be due to wear and tear accumulated over the high mileage of most used Astros, as the model went out of production in 2005. However, owners of Astros built from 1999 through 2001 report this problem more frequently than owners of other model years.

Transmission failures are not as common as engine issues, but they can be significantly more expensive to address, as the only fix for these problems is often a new transmission. Transmission failures are most common on the 1997 Astro. Anti-lock braking issues usually manifest as overly aggressive engagement of the system and may pose a safety hazard when the driver stops the vehicle from slower speeds.