What Are Some Typical Problems With Uniden Cordless Phones?

The common problem most Uniden cordless phone users have is that the phone suddenly does not recognize its base and must be reset. This is typically resolved rather quickly, but it is also avoidable by reading the instruction manual that comes with the phone very carefully.

To reset the phone, users disconnect the battery from the handset, the phone cord from the wall jack and the adapter from the wall outlet. After 30 minutes of waiting, they reconnect the battery, cord and adapter. Finally, they re-register the handset by placing it on the base. At this point, the Uniden cordless phone should function properly again.

The instruction manual that comes with most Uniden models lists good and bad locations to place the phone, explains the company’s product support center. For example, placing the base of the phone too close to a source of electrical noise, such as anything with a motor or fluorescent lights, makes it much more likely the phone will not recognize its base. Placing the base on a desk, tabletop or other flat surface should keep it safe and allow for optimum reception, especially if it is situated up high and in an open area where it can receive a signal.