What Types of Traditional Clothing Are Worn in El Salvador?

Types of traditional clothing worn in El Salvador include a wide range of costumes used for religious festivals, including common traditional female clothing styles and elements such as a shawl, cotton headscarf and scapular with adornments of various colors. Common traditional male clothing styles incorporate cotton shirts or suits. The inhabitants of many such smaller towns still wear these fashions regularly in the 21st century.

Many El Salvadorian people blend traditional clothing items with modern fashions, such as blue jeans, sandals, boots and cowboy hats. This is especially true of male El Salvadorians. Traditional fashions appear more often in rural areas.

El Salvador underwent a structural change in 2004 to develop textile factories and mills, and meet international standards of compliance for environmental and labor regulations. The country increased efficiency and commodity in developing products that promote a strategic relationship between retailers, garment factories and textile mills, and takes advantage of the geographic proximity of El Salvador to the United States.

Types of clothing and textiles manufactured and worn in El Salvador as of 2015 are synthetics, including nylon yarn, stretch fabrics and polyester. These retailers provide fashions and fabrics in El Salvador and abroad in the form of sportswear, performance wear, athletic wear and swimwear.