What Are the Types of Magazines?

Cassidy Curtis/CC-BY-2.0

There are three main categories of magazines, including consumer, trade, professional and in-house. Magazines within these categories cover many subject areas and target audiences with a diverse range of interests.

Magazines, also called periodicals, serials and slicks, are written publications that are published and printed according to a set schedule that may be daily, monthly, quarterly or annually. Magazines are focused on a central topic, issue or theme and contain a variety of articles within their pages. Consumer magazines are typically printed for the general public, while trade and professional magazines target retailers and business owners, and in-house magazines cater to special interest groups and non-profit organizations.

Consumer magazines are among the most popular and common types of magazines. These magazines are produced for the largest and most general audience and cater to special interests. Some publications are produced by retailers to attract buyers for their clothes, shoes and other apparel, while others are designed to showcase real estate listings, consumer electronics or automobiles. Trade and professional publications generally offer advice to others within a certain industry and may run advertisements for companies as well. In-house magazines include publications such as university periodicals and medical journals and may be printed by nonprofit organizations and special interest groups.