What Types of Illnesses Did Neil Cavuto Have?

Neil Cavuto was diagnosed with stage IV Hodgkin’s lymphoma and secondary progressive multiple sclerosis. Though he survived his stage IV cancer, MS is not curable. He stated in 2007 that he has difficulty walking and talking at times.

Cavuto had Hodgkin’s lymphoma in the late 1980s. Almost a decade later in 1997, he was diagnosed with MS after suffering from symptoms of blindness, tingling and other strange sensations. Cavuto continued with his work as a news anchor, though he suffered periods of sudden vision loss when attempting to read the news prompter. He began memorizing his scripts to avoid any delays in broadcast.

Fatigue, headache, muscle atrophy of the legs, vision loss and loss of speech are all associated with MS. Since Cavuto has secondary progressive MS, it is likely to get progressively get worse over time. Medication helps allow Cavuto to lead as normal a life as possible.

After being diagnosed, Cavuto began volunteering at the National MS Society. As of 2015, Cavuto still works for the Fox Business Network and Fox News Channel. He works as a television commentator and anchor, and as the host of three television programs. He resides in New Jersey with his wife and three children.