What Are Types of Human Relationships?

The main types of human relationships are romantic relationships, friendships, casual relationships, family relationships and professional relationships. According to Neha Sharma, people develop relationships out of trust, common interests and shared experiences. Shared bonds such as love and blood lead to stronger relationships than shared work interests, according to Wikipedia.

Sharma says that family and love relationships play an important role in the social, psychological and physiological well-being of an individual. On the other hand, friendships influence personal decisions and can lead people down the wrong track. Sharma adds that romantic relationships are based on understanding and are the most rewarding of all human relationships. However, these relationships can be disastrous, especially when people fail to manage challenges effectively. Proper professional relationships allow people to achieve their career goals and ambitions because they increase the chances of getting promotions and accessing alternative career opportunities. When people commit to their relationships, they become happy, comfortable and relaxed, according to Sharma. Wikipedia reveals that people develop relationships because they are innately social and therefore need to belong to social groups. Wikipedia adds that human relationships are dynamic and develop through five stages: acquaintance, build-up, continuation, deterioration and termination. The skills people need in developing and maintaining human relationships include verbal and non-verbal communication skills, negotiation skills, listening skills, assertiveness and decision-making and problem-solving skills, according to Wikipedia. About.com advises that people should use the right language in each type of human relationship.