What Types of Gift Cards Does Albertsons Offer?

Albertsons gift cards for $5 to $500 can be purchased individually online or at any Albertsons location, as of 2015. Pre-paid Visa gift cards and gift cards from other retailers are also available online in the Albertsons Gift Card Mall. Purchase large quantities of Albertsons Gift Cards by calling 1-877-932-7948.

Albertsons gift cards can be redeemed online or at any Albertsons location to purchase any item or service offered by the grocery store chain. Albertsons also stocks pre-paid Visa Gift Cards and gift cards from over 250 additional retailers at kiosks within its brick and mortar locations and in its online Gift Card Mall. Gift cards from other retailers, such as GameStop, Outback Steakhouse, Home Depot, Barnes & Noble and American Eagle Outfitters, are redeemable for amounts between $15-$500.

The Gift Card Mall allows customers to personalize gift cards with photos or company logos at no extra charge and includes free shipping and a complimentary greeting card. Corporate customers that purchase Albertsons gift cards in bulk to distribute to their employees and clients receive a 5% discount of orders totalling $1000 or more, as of 2015. Businesses can also purchase customizable Visa pre-paid gift cards in large quantities through the Albertsons Gift Card Mall for between $5 and $2500.