What Are the Types of Children’s Literature?

Children’s books come in a variety of genres, including picture books, rhythmic books, folklore, fairy tales, fantasy books, first books, concept books and issue books. The way a book is formatted and its content determine what genre it falls under.

Picture books are books that focus more on the illustrations than the words. The book can be understood without the words because the text is just a complementary feature. Rhythmic books rhyme or have a musical component. Examples include nursery rhymes, lullabies and Dr. Seuss books.

Folklore tales are stories that are orally passed down from generation to generation. The purpose of these tales is to educate listeners about different aspects of life. Myths are often bundled under the folklore genre.

Fairy tales are stories where Prince Charming comes in to save the troubled princess so that the two can live happily ever after. These tales put a magical spin on the world while trying to explain it. Fantasies are magical stories where a struggle of good and evil occurs. This genre also has themes related to common life.

First books are made for infants and toddlers. These books are made of board, cloth and plastic in order to stand up to the rough handling of young children. First books introduce babies to the world.

People tend to confuse concept and issue books. Concept books teach readers how to do simple tasks, such as getting dressed. Issue books introduce readers to controversial issues.