What Type of Woman Attracts a Virgo Male?

Virgo males are attracted to partners who are put-together, refined and respect their boundaries, according to About.com Astrology. Virgos are sensitive and reserved, so they appreciate people who share those values. Virgo men may also be more likely to pick up on small flaws, like stains, than other men.

Virgos are born between August 23rd and September 22nd. They are known to be perfectionists, and shy until they are comfortable with others.

Virgo men additionally dislike women who are too coarse. About.com Astrology notes that they like to be intellectually stimulated, but they will catch on if their date is not up to speed with them. They are sensitive, but not sentimental or interested in grand romantic gestures. Virgo men also place a lot of emphasis on personal hygiene.