What Type of Waves Do Cellphones Use?

Cellphones use radio frequency waves to transmit sound through the speaker and the microphone. The radio frequency energy that is given off by cell phones is a type of electromagnetic energy.

As the use of cellphones is constantly rising and more people are becoming connected with them, people have started to fear that the radio frequencies in cellphones can be detrimental. Specifically, people are concerned that the radio frequencies can cause brain tumors. The radio frequencies can cause tissues to become heated when they are used for long periods of time and is the actual basis for the way that microwaves work. The radiation that is present in cellphones is a type of non ionizing radiation. The rays are not able to break down the chemical bonds that are present in the skin. The waves that are used in order for cellphones to be able to work run on electromagnetic frequencies. Cellphones, microwaves and wireless networking devices all run on the same type of electromagnetic frequencies with the same type of waves being produced by all. Cellphones, wireless networking devices and microwaves all have different levels of radio frequency waves that are emitted.