What Type of Motor Oil Do You Put in a 2000 Toyota Camry?

In temperatures between -20 degrees Fahrenheit and 100 degrees Fahrenheit, the 2000 Toyota Camry needs 5W-30 motor oil, according to AutoZone. Toyota recommends using genuine Toyota motor oil in all its vehicles.

The 2000 Toyota Camry built with the 2.2-liter electronic fuel injection four-cylinder engine uses 3.8 quarts of oil for an oil change. The 2000 Camry that comes with the 3.0-liter electronic fuel injection six-cylinder engine needs 5 quarts for an oil change. The 2000 Camry with the four-cylinder natural gas engine also uses 5W-30. Toyota states that its brand of motor oil contains additives that are specially formulated to protect the engine’s gasket and metal surfaces from rust and erosion.