What Type of Insect Bite Appears in Clusters and Spreads?

Bed bug bites cause red bumps that often form clusters on the skin, says Mayo Clinic. If a person experiences an allergic reaction to the bites, hives and blisters can form on the skin and spread.

Bed bug bites appear similar to other insect bites, such as mosquito bites. Bed bugs are the likely culprit if the bites occur at night on the arms, legs, neck or face and form clusters or lines on the skin. Bed bug bites can be treated with hydrocortisone cream or oral antihistamines to relieve the itchy symptoms, states Mayo Clinic. Individuals who experience an allergic reaction or develop an infection from scratching the bites must seek treatment from a qualified medical professional.

Bed bugs usually hide in mattresses, box springs and bed frames, and they spread easily through clothing and luggage. In addition to treating the bites, it is necessary to treat the home for bed bugs. An exterminator can eliminate bed bugs with pesticides and other treatments. Vacuuming mattresses, floors and crevices is also required as well as washing and drying bedding and clothing on a high setting, explains Mayo Clinic. Any items that are infested with bed bugs should be disposed of.