What Type of Food Is Consumed in Congo?

Robert J. Ross/Photolibrary/Getty Images

Congolese food includes the cuisines of a number of different ethnic and tribal groups that all reside in the area, so it varies widely. Staple crops of the region include rice, taro, sweet potatoes, nuts and tomatoes. These are supplemented by wild foods, such as honey, fruits and mushrooms, and by meat that is acquired by hunting and from herd animals.

Many of the traditional dishes of the Congo are simple. Soups are quite common and can be made from a variety of ingredients, including peanuts, cassava leaves and okra. Bread made from cassava flour is a staple food in many areas and is often eaten dipped in soup or covered with spread. Meat is relatively scarce, but fish, bush meat, beef and goat meat can all be found in various areas throughout the country.

The Democratic Republic of Congo lacks a strong infrastructure for transporting food, so most ingredients are produced by individuals or acquired at small local markets. Less than 2 percent of the land in the Congo is used for farming, and most people who grow crops produce only enough to feed their own families. Likewise, the transport of meat is seriously impeded by bad roads and hard travel.